(Re)visiting Princeton

The whistle sounded behind me as I retraced my steps from the train station to Whitman College, lost in memories of a magical weekend.

For two days, my younger sister, Angelina, had stayed with me on campus. That weekend, there was no such thing as homework—the only item on my agenda was to have fun with my best friend. Together, we explored the Delaware & Raritan Towpath, laughing as turtles periodically popped their heads out of the canal. We toured the University Chapel, mesmerized by the colored light that filtered through the stained glass windows. We ate dinner at my favorite local sushi spot, Sakura Express, then got ice cream from Halo Pub and people-watched (and squirrel-watched) on the lawn in front of Nassau Hall. At sunset, we reclined in Adirondack chairs as the sky over Whitman College was painted cotton candy pink. We played foosball in the basement of Butler College—then immediately challenged each other to a rematch. Come nightfall, we lay side by side on the giant sundial beside East Pyne Hall and stargazed, connecting constellations in Princeton’s dazzling sky. Afterward, we dropped by Murray Dodge Café for a late-night snack, lured in by the scent of freshly baked cookies. During the walk back to my dorm room that night, we had an impromptu arch sing of our own, allowing our favorite songs to fill the autumn air. Finally, on Angelina’s last day here, we ran to Nassau Street through the pouring rain for an early-morning breakfast at Jammin Crepes. We laughed so hard our stomachs ached. We walked so much our feet were sore. It was the best weekend, with the best company, at the best place of all.

Sunset over Whitman College
Even as a senior, I can’t help but stop and stare, mesmerized, at the beauty of a Princeton sunset.

There’s something so special about sharing the place you love with the ones you love. Seeing Princeton through my sister’s eyes made me appreciate my campus anew. No Gothic spire or stained glass window went unnoticed. Angelina’s visit reminded me how important it is to take the time to enjoy where you are—to enjoy the sky above you, the earth below you, and the company beside you.

It made me recognize just how lucky I truly am to call Princeton “home.”


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