About Briana


Hi! I’m Briana, a Princeton grad and proud North Forker new to NYC.

A little about me: I’m perpetually passionate, chronically curious…and not always quite this alliterative. Some of my biggest passions include writing, marketing, photography, entrepreneurship, travel, reading, and content creation.

By day, I’m a marketing associate at Vettery, a venture-backed tech startup that strives to put the “fun” back in Mondays by streamlining the hiring process and connecting top candidates with their dream jobs at top companies. On the side, I’m the marketing coordinator behind many of the creative efforts at Peeko Oysters, an oyster farm that is proudly turning water into brine on the North Fork of Long Island.

When I’m not typing away at my keyboard, snapping photos for social media (feel free to follow my adventures @pagesaremypassport on Instagram), or balancing a leaning tower of library books in my arms, you’ll find me beside the sea or beneath the stars, dreaming of everything from fjords to surfboards.

“Pages are my passport, and I’m a world traveler with a serious case of wanderlust.”